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Solitaire Fish is the great creative solitaire card games for you with a marvelous ocean theme. Based on the solitaire card game, it is totally true to the spirit of the classic solitaire game (also known as Patience or Klondike) and it will help you to train your brain more smart & sharp.
Sudoku - Pretty puzzling. A free and offline Sudoku app. Presenting you a modern and rethought Sudoku design. By removing excessive details from the screen, we managed to create a fresh and clean look for the puzzle that we all love - at the same time sustaining intuitive gameplay and customization.
It is the time to color pictures. Open our application color by number at home, at work, on the subway or even in the park, it is easy to color the most attractive picture and get joy from colorful and bright pictures. Painting games are not only to escape from the everyday routine but also the best way to pass the time.

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